World Economic Forum Released These Are Best Countries To Travel

Traveling can make you feel good or even better, and there are various countries in this world where people want to go. Tourism has been a great source of revenue for many countries because of the great things they offer to people to see. Recently World economic forum released a report in which they mention the name of those countries which are great when it comes to travelling. World Economic Forum measured best travelling countries based on various factors, and here is the list of those countries, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, Switzerland.

The list, which is released by the World Economic Forum for travelling this year has been modified a lot. European countries once again have scored ideally when it comes to travelling because of the great sights they offer to people. Spain has got the first spot making it the world’s best tourist destination where people from all around the world come and witness the unique culture. France and Germany took second and third place; it’s not surprising that Germany is still in third place even after going through some economic troubles. The tourism sector has been a good source of revenue for European countries since the majority of them are diverse and offer great sights to people.

Japan is the only country from Asia which has made to this list. It shows people are less curious to go to the Asian countries and they still prefer Europe and North America. United States of America, Canada also got the place on this list. It might be quite surprising for many people because of recent trade disputes and geopolitical situation in which the US has dragged itself into. Last but not least Switzerland got the tenth spot on this list because it’s famous for rich people’s travelling destination.

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