Weight loss could reduce the risk of Breast cancer for women over 50

Weight loss could reduce the risk of Breast cancer for women over 50

Women play a vital role in our society. Everyone knows that if a woman is fit in a family, the family is fit because she takes care of all the members of the family. But what about her health. Generally, a woman starts gaining weight in the middle age of her life. Some woman gets overweighted in middle age. The overweight causes to start problems in their life. Recently women are in the increased risk of death. Most of the overweighted women die due to cancers, heart disease, stroke, and infections. Breast cancer is common in women.

According to a new study, if women start reducing their weight in middle age and keep doing it will reduce the risk of death from Breast cancer. The study was released in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), and the researchers from the American Cancer Society conducted it, the Harvard T. N. Chan School of Public Health, and others. In the US, there are lots of women who are overweight or obese. They start using the Pooling Project of Prospective Studies of Diet and Cancer (DCPP) to get the get results by the researchers. They took a sample of 180,000 women, which are 50 years of age or older, for ten different studies. At the starting point of the study, women’s’ weight was regularly determined. Then again, after five years, and then for about four years. They tracked for near about a decade.

In the end, researchers come to that; if women regularly lose their weight, they had a lower risk of breast cancer than women whose weight stays constant. If women continuously getting their weight loss at a large amount, then there will be a lower risk of breast cancer. Researchers found that if women lose their weight between 4 to 10 pound, there will be a 13 percent lower risk of cancer than women whose weight are constant. Women who lose their weight between 10 to 20 pounds there will be 16 percent lower risk of cancer, and if women lose more than 20 pounds, there will be a 30 percent lower risk of cancer. So women have to maintain their weight.

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