Two Flu-Related Deaths Have Been Reported In Arkansas

Two Flu-Related Deaths Have Been Reported In Arkansas

Flu season has started, and it seems like this year it might make more people sick than the previous year. A recent report from Arkansas shows that it has reported two more deaths which are caused because of an outbreak of the flu. The health department of Arkansas revealed that two people had died recently because of the flu. Now the total number of deaths because of the flu has reached to six. The recent report of influenza shows that by the end of September 2019, more than 1881 cases of flu-related are found to be positive.

The rise of flu among is quite shocking because last week solely more than 200 patients have tested positive. The flu season every year takes off at this time, and that’s why experts think this year it might be more prominent and cause severe problems. So far, Arkansas has not reported any pediatric deaths, but CDC informed that overall five pediatric deaths happened from last few days, and the number might get increased.

Experts believe the flu-related disease can be prevented if patients and family members take care of their body carefully. Since influenza can be easily spread among other non-infected people, it’s highly advisable not to get into the contact of an infected patient. Vaccines are considered as the most influential source of cure for flu-related problems. Children who are aged below six and adults above 65 have higher chances of getting diagnosed with influenza, and that’s why extra care has to be taken about such people. This recent outbreak in Arkansas indicated that in upcoming time people overall have to take care of their body and get vaccinated when found positive. It’s just a start of the flu season, and that’s why experts are advising people to follow the preventive actions to protect themselves from the flu and related illnesses.

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