The company provides work and rides home for former celadon employees

The company provides work and rides home for former celadon employees

A few days after Celadon trucking of Indianapolis, filed bankruptcy and shut its doors, their former workers are getting help in the form of jobs and even carpool services from the other companies. Many workers said they were betrayed by celadon. When they scramble to get back to life, they are not alone. As Celadon employees left the truck and worked this week, many betrayed seeing the large celadon logo on 33rd Street.

David Sampson, a former employee of Celadon, said that the closer he gets to Indy, the more chances he has to get home. He was living in a truck at that time. He lost his stuff except for a bag of clothes. That’s it, and he got his car. But when people started hearing that nearly 4,000 people were unemployed, the public and other trucking companies wanted to help. Ken Carter stated that he thinks the Indianapolis community is uniting because no one wants to see themselves in this position or this situation. Some companies send messages to stranded drivers, informing them that they have a way home. John Paugh stated that if the employees can’t ride with their truck driver, then the company willing to buy back a ticket for you said John Paugh. John Paugh is CEO and president of Carter Express. Some trucking companies have even set up companies outside celadon to provide vacancies for former drivers. Natasha Mendoza said that it’s before Christmas. The employees have families. They have children who need to take care of and supply Christmas. Therefore, the company just wants to make sure that they can take care of their families and have a stable income to find work for them. Natasha Mendoza is a Hiring manager with Centerline Drivers.

Former celadon employees said they were overwhelmed by the support. Sampson emotionally said that he thanks CRST in particular because the company helped him unconditionally. However, after being hindered, some drivers said it was difficult to trust another company. All three companies in this story are hiring drivers, logistics, and management. Also, look in Facebook comments for this story, and many companies have posted contact information about former Celadon employees.

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