The ASCB and EMBO meeting had a discussion on open science for the scientific community

The ASCB and EMBO meeting had a discussion on open science for the scientific community

Today, a meaningful discussion took place at the 2019 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) meeting. The topic of this meeting was about open science. The panel of the meeting had Authors, publishers, and scientists. According to the panelists, open science and open access will become a reality shortly. Panelists think that open science can do many things, and hence it should be freely accessible. Moreover, open science should provide unhindered availability to anyone who wants it. John Inglis, one of the panelists, suggested that open science should be welcoming and inclusive.

Moreover, open science should be engaging with people who are directly affected by it. John also added that open science should provide honest scientific truths. Panelists also discussed the path the stakeholders will take to engage with open science. To achieve the goals, funding agencies and researchers both should take efforts. Many scientists and researchers expressed concerns about how the weight that publications hold over their careers and the limitations it places on making changes to the existing system. Panelists answered the questions by saying there should be a better way to evaluate papers to minimize negative consequences. Panelists also suggested that scientists should provide some suggestions. Scientists should express what they want from the system. In this way, Open science will be more successful.

The main aim of this meeting was to bring the scientific community together to help shape the thinking of scientists about the management of science paper. Moreover, scientists and panelists think that funding agencies should change their practice to accommodate open science. Funding agencies and universities should offer new incentives and institutional changes to make open science possible. Preprint publishing is one of the examples of makes unrestricted access to scientific papers to the public. Some of the essential concerns are data integrity and security of open science. Proper security of the research paper is vital to maintain the goals of open science.

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