Technological advancements could increase job opportunities for disabled people in the UK

Technological advancements could increase job opportunities for disabled people in the UK

According to many statistical reports, the United Kingdom lack employment opportunities for disabled people. Government figures clearly show that fit people are most likely to get a job than disabled people. Moreover, the unemployment rate of people with disabilities was 7.3% from April to June quarter, whereas the unemployment rate of people without disabilities was 3.4%. According to a study by disability charity Leonard Cheshire, 73% of the 1647 disabled adults left their job due to disabilities and health issues. Moreover, some of them lost their job due to disabilities. Their employers withdrew the job offer because of the health issues.

Another key barrier is the cost to adjust workplace accommodations for disabled people. Managers of many companies think of these accommodation adjustments as a big issue. However, the government made an Access to Work scheme for disables people’s accommodation adjustments. Only 59% of managers were aware of this scheme two years ago. The government of the UK has an aim to bring one million disabled people in work by 2027. However, the government still has to solve technological inconvenience. Head of sustainable growth at clarity Camilla Marcus-Drew said, “Desktop technologies need so many improvements. The ERP systems are not visible, and this could be an obstacle for people with sight impairments. It is difficult to navigate, and fields are quite unclear.”

A survey by Virtualisation software shows that 72% of disabled co-workers faced difficulties while operating the technologies at their employers. The technologies are outdated and limiting the career opportunities for people with disabilities. However, the government in the UK started an initiative such as Valuable 500 Scheme. The scheme is asking 500 global business leaders to put disability on their board agenda. If the government and IT industries prioritize the issue of unemployment of disabled people, the solution will be much faster. Now citizens are looking forward to technological advancements for disabled people in workplaces. The technology could increase the rates of job opportunities for disabled people.

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