NASA Says Close To Finding Life On Mars

nasa says close to finding life on mars

Soon, life could become a reality on Mars! The US space agency NASA has said that it is close to finding life on the red planet. Chief scientist of NASA Dr Jim Green said that two rovers – one from the agency and second from the European Space Agency (ESA) could find concrete evidence of life on the planet. He said that this could be possible within months of arriving on the planet in March 2021. Dr Green compared the potential life on Mars to when Poland mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at the center of the universe in the 16th century. He, however, said that the world is not ready for the revolutionary implications of the discovery of life on Mars.

The ExoMars Rover which has been scheduled to launch in July 2020 will search for extra-terrestrial life on Mars. The planned robotic rover will drill 6.5 feet down on the planet. It has been designed to drill into rock formations and collect the samples. The rover will send rock samples back to Earth. This would be the first time when material from Mars will be brought to Earth. The samples collected by the rover will be crushed and examined by scientists in a laboratory. They will look for organic matter in the rocks. Dr Green said that the outcome about the discovery of life on the red planet will place a new set of questions before scientists to explore further.

Notably, recent research revealed that planets in the solar system which were earlier thought to be not fit to live in may have once had favorable conditions for life. Earlier this year, it was discovered that there may be a vast system of running water underneath the red planet surface. Dr Green affirmed that recent studies suggest that civilizations could exist on other planets of the solar system other than Earth.

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