LG Latest TV Series Will Offer 8K Support Including AI Recognition

LG Latest TV Series Will Offer 8K Support Including AI Recognition

2020 International CES is on edge, and LG has uncovered some clues regarding its latest premium series of TVs. Currently, the South Korean multinational company has not offered other details like price or launch dates. But indeed LG is hopping from 4K to 8K in the current era. This time, the electronics giant will likely launch eight new models. Even more, LG has assured to offer Real 8K performance even higher than the CTA’s specification for 8K. Finally, LG’s long-committed 48-inch OLED TV could soon rock the market. As a result, the top-notch technology would become available at an affordable price. It is also a feasible option for people who have small homes.

The series of eight 8K models consists of a pair of LG Signature OLED sets in sizes 88-inch and 77-inch, respectively. Besides this, it includes a set of six NanoCell-branded LCD TVs available in size 65-inch and 75-inch. With regard to 8K content (in the future), they can manage the ideal AV1 codec of YouTube along with VP9 and HEVC. Even more, the TVs will include 8K inputs from HDMI or USB. Apart from this, LG is also introducing a new 3rd generation of its Alpha9 artificial intelligence processor. Also, it will launch AI Sound Pro processing, which will assist in determining five different types of content and amend accordingly. As a result, words will be clear, and scenes will remain pure and absolute to 5.1.

Above all, LG will unveil an OLED TV that opens out from the roof, and another will hang down like a wallpaper. Users can store the 65-inch Roll-down TV at the ceiling. They can drag it down when required or roll it up when not required. Besides this, LG is presenting its OLED video walls. The idea is to install the TV on the inner side of a wall, which will offer a new view of a flight. The foldable display will provide the feel of more open space, even where space is less. For now, it is unclear when the line of LG TVs will hit the market.

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