Joe Biden accused Pete Buttigieg of stealing the Health Plan

Joe Biden accused Pete Buttigieg of stealing the Health Plan

Mr. Joe Biden of ‘The Democratic Party’ is likely to run for the post of United States president. He has accused his rival, Mr. Pete Buttigieg, for stealing his health care policy recommendations. The two of them are battling for the support of the nominating state of Lowa.Mr. Biden is one of the 16-members among the democratic field who will be running against the current President and the Republican party candidate Mr. Donald Trump. The elections are held in the next year of 2020. Mr. Biden has proposed to expand The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ‘Obamacare,’ is a United States federal law enacted by the 111th United States Congress. It was signed into law by the Ex. President Barack Mr. Obama on March 23, 2010. The law was an iconic domestic policy achievement for the former democratic President, Mr. Barack Obama. Mr. Joe Biden served the former President at number 2. Mr. Biden will add a “public option” that allows individuals to choose government programs but retains the current role of private insurance companies. Alike Mr. Biden, Mr. Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, favored the public option. He created a phrase as ‘Medicare for all who want it” to describe the concept. Biden accused Buttigieg of stealing the plan while talking to the reporters on an Iowa campaign bosom. Biden further added that he would have been criticized if he tried to copy someone else’s health plans.

Mr. Biden also said that if he had done such a thing, then people would be furious on him, and he could face their rage. The Buttigieg campaign did not immediately respond to this comment from Biden. Mr. Biden has run for eight consecutive days in Lowa. He tried to stop the polls from falling, which has benefited Buttigieg, who has jumped to number one in some recent surveys. On February 3, the Iowa Caucus will be Democrats’ first nomination contest. Polls show that Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders are also in the running in Lowa. Both are in support of a government-backed universal health insurance system. This system will provide federal health insurance for all Americans under a government-run health insurance plan. Mr. Biden is ahead of all the Democrats in national polls, and he has avoided attacking Buttigieg. When the reporters asked him about Buttigieg, he said, he has no negative feelings for the Mayor. He also added that Mr. Buttigeig is a talented guy.

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