Jeff Bezos Will Be Putting $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change Issues

Jeff Bezos Will Be Putting $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change Issues

Billionaires are already famous for making vast amounts of money, but there are few like Bill Gates who are using this money to solve more significant problems. Jeff Bezos, who is the world’s richest man, has decided to pledge $10 billion to save earth from climate change. Jeff Bezos used Instagram, a social media platform to say that currently, the universe is facing lots of problems related to climate change. In his Instagram post, he mentioned how individuals, big-small companies will have to come together if we want to protect this beautiful world.

Nothing is more beautiful than the current world which we have; he indirectly mentioned while explaining the importance of climate change awareness. However, this is not the first time we are seeing the world’s richest man taking some significant actions to fight against climate change issues. In 2019 Bezos took The Climate Pledge in which he mentioned Amazon would be trying its best to become carbon-neutral by the end of 2040.

However, even though these things might be fascinating for many people. Some experts, on the other hand, think Jeff is not paying the amount which he is supposed to pay to save the earth from climate change issues. Recently Australia suffered a huge amount of losses because of WildFire happened, in which millions of animals died. Bezos got criticism for donating only $69000 to Australia’s wildfire relief fund. Earlier also Bezos had been criticised by some groups of people for paying less tax and saving billions of dollars by using tax havens. Now it could be because of such allegations and lousy publicity that Bezos had to take this action. However, donating $10 billion toward climate change is not a small thing, and environmentalists who were hardcore opposers of billionaire Bezos might have gotten relieved.

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