Jack Dorsey Said Users Will Not Be Getting Edit Tweet Feature

Jack Dorsey Said Users Will Not Be Getting Edit Tweet Feature

Twitter has evolved like a fine wine from the last few years because the social media platform has gotten more active users that like to spend their time sharing opinions and, most probably, memes. However, whenever Jack Dorsey, who is the CEO and co-founder of Twitter, asked about some new changes made to the social media platform, it’s a thrilling experience.

While giving an interview to a famous news channel jack, Dorsey got asked many weird yet fascinating questions, and one of them was why Twitter doesn’t provide an option of edit tweet?. Jack smartly said when they started this platform, it was an SMS text messaging service that later got changed because of the user’s preferences and interests. Jack said he wanted to maintain the vibe of not taking a sent text back just like in earlier days, where people wouldn’t get any chance of deleting a message. Since the Internet has evolved so much, the user interface of twitter also gotten changed, and people like it this way.

Twitter allows users to reshare the tweet and share the tweet without fear of anything, and that’s a great thing for users, according to Jack. So far, Twitter managed to bring necessary changes to its social media platform, whether deleting inactive accounts or stopping political propaganda posts, which made lots of controversies. Jack addresses various controversial questions also which were asked by users like, are you censoring some group of people intentionally? And etc. There is no other option than to delete a controversial or grammatically incorrect tweet that was shared by users. Still, removing an entire tweet just because of some mistakes is not a good thing when other platforms like Facebook, Instagram allows users to make alterations to their post. Such type of lack of feature makes Twitter a kind of unique platform to use.

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