Google Pixel 4 has a massive defect that no software update is working to fix

Google Pixel 4 has a massive defect that no software update is working to fix

Google has begun to fix Pixel 4 with software updates, which has become an annoying tradition in the family. Google has temporarily solved the “smooth display” issue; it still has to fix the 3D face unlock security ring, even if you close your eyes, you can unlock your phone. But it turns out that Pixel 4 has a huge flaw that can’t fix a lot of software updates. It bends. Compared to 2014, the company has come a long way, when early buyers of the iPhone 6 found an annoying problem. By applying sufficient pressure on the first generation of thin aluminum frames, they can bend without damaging the structure of the phone. Apple quickly solved the “Bendgate” issue and made sure it didn’t happen again.

But since the iPhone 6, every new iPhone has been tested for bending problems, and the YouTube channel JerryRig Everything has been the source of further equipment durability testing. The same test performed on every new phone, and Pixel 4 just accepted the same process. The people who watched the clip were amazed that the Pixel 4 XL had huge design flaws that could be bent. And the problem is even worse than the iPhone 6. Antenna wires on either side of the metal frame appear to damage the integrity of the phone, producing irreparable damage. Google Pixel 4 is bent at both sides (or more accurately, broken). The display still seems to work, but once the phone is damaged, there is no longer a turning point.

For flagship phones, this is a major issue, especially for phones that should compete with the iPhone and all other Android flagships. Therefore, special attention to handle the phone and store it in pants, bags, and other places. It may not be able to withstand the extra pressure. Also, if the phone has the same design and specifications, the Pixel 4 XL is so easy to bend, it is almost sure that the performance of the Pixel 4 will not be better. Ironically, another Pixel tradition of Google is that it replicates the design choices and features of the iPhone. Sadly, it seems that Pixel 4 cannot replicate the durability of the iPhone. Google needs to resolve this issue immediately.

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