Colorado Officials Shut Down 46 Schools Due To Suspected Norovirus Outbreak

colorado officials shut down 46 schools due to suspected norovirus outbreak

A highly contagious virus has infected hundreds of people in Colorado, which has led to the shut down of 46 schools in the region. Around 22,000 students have been out of school due to the potentially dangerous outbreak of norovirus. The school authorities are sanitizing hallways and scrubbing down classrooms at Mess country schools to avoid the infection in the near future. Hundreds of school children and teachers have been infected with the deadly norovirus. The epidemic started with siblings who attended the school in the district and a trail began quickly from school to school. It has compelled officials to close all 46 schools in the area.

As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients infected with norovirus exhibit billions of norovirus particles and it takes only a few particles to make other people fall sick. The notorious virus grows through consuming contaminated food, touching tainted surfaces, and direct contact with an infected person. Vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain are common symptoms of the virus. Nearly half of the kids in the district are dependent on the free lunch school program for their afternoon meal. Keeping this in mind, authorities have decided to send out their food trucks to ensure their meal. Other nearby districts as well are affected by the deadly virus.

The authorities at the State Department of Public Health and Environment said that around 150 to 200 outbreaks of the norovirus take place each year across the state.  Generally, incidents of norovirus are seen at nursing homes but outbreaks at schools are not surprising. School officials have said that they have taken this unusual step to eradicate the sign of the virus because it is highly contagious. Such an epidemic is most common during the winter season but it can pop up any time of the year. Up to 30 percent of the infected people might not show the symptoms of the virus at all but they can be a great viral host. We hope that health professionals take some stringent measures to control and prevent the deadly virus from creating a panic situation.

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