Ariana Grande’s “NASA” is Remixed by US Space Agency NASA to Endorse its Mission to put a Woman on the Moon

ariana grande’s “nasa” is remixed by us space agency nasa to endorse its mission to put a woman on the moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is relying on little-bit of a star power these days. This program is to inform and encourage youth regarding space. NASA is also relying on the charisma of pop music to promote its future mission to the moon. Interns at the US space agency rephrased Ariana Grande’s popular song “NASA,” and rephrased its lyrics to promote its work. The US space agency is planning of sending the next man and a first woman to the moon under its Artemis missions, by the year 2024. Space agency stated at Facebook on Sunday that interns and students working at Johnson Space Center remixed song “NASA” by pop sensation Ariana Grande. This move by the interns is to share their excitement regarding in-depth space exploration.

Ariana’s song was about a woman who needs some space from her beau, and she uses the reference of celestial imagery to state her point.  Grande in her song is saying to her boyfriend that “although you (beau) don’t leave me, she wants some space to discover herself.” Students rewrote it, and the lyrics say that “ISS in orbit, and the view so beautiful it will make you wonder. And there is still so much more to uncover, back in the lunar orbit.” As per the space agency, this is an educational parody and is a measure of a volunteer outreach program. Further, NASA said via YouTube, that the scenes and lyrics in the music video are also re-imagined. This whole project is to educate folks about the fantastic work going on at the US National Space Agency and the Johnson Space Center.

NASA further added that through its Artemis Lunar exploration program, they would be exploring more of the moon, than explored ever before. Agency will be using innovative new technologies and systems for the same. Further, the name Artemis is taken from Greek mythology that means Apollo’s twin sister. The Artemis program involves the Orion spacecraft, the Gateways, and SLS, i.e., Space Launch System. The key feature of the program is a viable space exploration with the use of reusable architecture and spacecraft. This spacecraft will later take the humans to Mars.

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